Choctaw Artist         Dave Morris

Dave Morris has been creating modern rock art for over 40 years.  Inspired by the ancient designs Dave still uses the hammerstone and stone chisel to create his art pieces.  Also, southwest native designs are used in his gourd artwork.

New 3D printing processes are offering a chance to reproduce ancient and current southwest pottery.

David Morris, a member of the Choctaw nation of Oklahoma, has been a resident of southern Arizona for over 50 years.  Along with his artwork Dave spends time volunteering with Boyce Thompson Arboretum  the AZ Site Steward program and giving walks and talks about the southwest cultures.

Contact and upcoming events:


Edible/Medicinal Plant walk - Boyce Thompson Arboretum           Nov. 12, Dec.10, 2023 1:30pm

Jan.14, Feb.11, Mar.10, 2024  1:30 pm